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Job: Associate Scientist / Scientist Cell Biology, Oerth Bio, Durham, NC

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General Information

Job title:
Associate Scientist / Scientist Cell Biology
Job location:
Durham, NC  27701 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted:
We offer a very competitive compensation package, consisting of salary, bonus, equity, and benefits to all team members. For health benefits we pay 100% of employee and 80% of family premiums!
Job category:
Agricultural Biotechnology
Employment type:
Full time

Job Description

Oerth Bio is seeking creative cell biology scientist to design and execute cell assays evaluating the efficacy of PROTACs in various plant, fungal and mammalian cell systems. This position is well suited for innovative scientists that have a desire to lead their scientific efforts from the bench and a passion to develop and pursue multiple avenues to compete research objectives. This position is laboratory-based and requires strong experimental skills, and the ability to effectively partner with team members in order to deliver quality data in support of discovery efforts.

Key Competencies:
• High level of problem solving and critical thinking skills
• Strong experimental skills in cell biology, data analysis, visualization, and presentation skills
• Ability to manage through distractions, perform with changing priorities and aggressive deadlines

Key Responsibilities, Including by not Limited to:
• Leverage cell-based assays to measure protein degradation, target engagement, and cell viability in response to compound treatment or target modulation
• Design, validate, and routinely execute 96 or 384 well assays, utilizing techniques including fluorescence, luminescence, BRET readouts, ELISA, quantitative Western, cell viability/death
• Document, compile and interpret experimental data; manage laboratory notebook, databases, and/ or spreadsheets to present data in a meaningful manner
• Keep up to date on relevant scientific literature
• Partner with chemistry and biology teams to troubleshoot through technical and scientific challenges to deliver critical data.
• Leverage knowledge of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and emerging principles of targeted protein degradation

Job Requirements

• B.S. with 5+ years’ experience, M.S. with 2+ years’ experience, or Ph.D + Post-doc (preferred). Industry experience in cellular and molecular biology, cell-based assays; excellent publication record demonstrating productivity in cell-based research is a plus.
• Extensive experience maintaining mammalian, fungal, and/or plant cell lines
• 3+ years of experience with transient transfections, co-transfections, creation of stable cell lines, and design/execution of cell-based assays using mammalian, fungal, and/or plant lines.
• Strength in experimental design, execution, and data analysis using multiple assay platforms working with various cell systems e.g., plant, fungal, mammalian
• Expertise in plant and/or fungal cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry with emphasis on small molecules-protein interactions
• Experience measuring protein expression levels/degradation, turn-over and synthesis rates via reporter assays, western blots, ELISA, etc.
• Experience working with the ubiquitin-proteasome system is preferred
(Job number: 4046592)
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