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Job: Research Associate, Locus Biosciences, Morrisville, NC

General Information

Job title:
Research Associate
Job location:
Morrisville, NC  27560 United States
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Job category:
Research and Development
Employment type:
Full time

Job Description

Locus Biosciences is seeking a highly motivated and entrepreneurial applicant to join our research and development team as a full-time Research Associate. This position is well suited for those that can accomplish defined work, as well as assist in approaching and solving complex scientific problems. This individual will be responsible for assisting in the generation, production and characterization of novel antimicrobial products. The ideal candidate will be able to independently conduct general microbiological and molecular biology research, and assist in the development of our broader research goals. This individual must be able to communicate effectively in formal and informal settings and be able to work well within a team. Candidates should have prior laboratory experience and be competent at basic molecular biology techniques.

Responsibilities will include:

35% effort: Microbiology – Maintenance of bacterial cultures and stocks, viral stocks and other materials, culturing of both aerobic and obligate anaerobic organisms; creation of stable bacterial cell lines carrying viral genomes; production of viral lysates from engineered bacteria by induction; production of engineered phage; testing the activity of antimicrobial CRISPR gene product via bacterial inhibition assays; purification and identification of host range of the phages by plaquing on different indicator strains; host range identification by optical density-based plate reader experiments.

20% effort: Synthetic biology – Generation and analysis of novel viral clones engineered to carry and express antimicrobial CRISPR gene products from a viral genome. Perform experiments to screen and identify CRISPR-engineered phages. Development and execution of screening methods to detect, quantify, isolate and characterize desired phage clones from mixed populations.

35% effort: Molecular biology – Cloning – Assembly, testing and characterization of novel genetic engineering tools and vectors for working with a diverse range of model and genetically intractable organisms; ligation, restriction digestion, gel purification, polymerase chain reaction; design and assembly of genetic engineering plasmids; sequencing for validating the fidelity of the constructs. Optimization of PCR conditions, cloning strategies, incubation conditions, preparation of competent cells, purification of plasmid and genomic DNA.

10% effort: Independent management of multiple projects, including reviewing, interpreting and recording results. Maintaining lab records, including updating existing and creating new spreadsheets to track different projects, strains and lysates; preparing materials to facilitate team meetings and broader presentations inside and outside the company.

Candidate must possess:

A BS/ MS in microbiology, microbial genetics, synthetic biology, genetic engineering or similar fields
At least 6 months experience (in addition to coursework) working in a research laboratory setting
Familiarity with general laboratory techniques such as pipetting, plating bacterial cultures, serial dilutions, aseptic technique and proper decontamination procedures
Technical proficiency in molecular biology skills, such as DNA preparation, transformation, PCR, cloning, and plasmid construction
Experience with DNA sequence analysis, including homology searching, sequence assembly and primer design
Ability to independently carry out experiments and generate relevant data outputs for analysis
Preferred qualifications:

At least two years’ experience between academic or industry research
Ability to assist in the design of experiments and interpretation of results
Technical proficiency with designing and executing standard molecular biology experiments (PCR, transformation, Gibson cloning, RE cloning)
Experience with genetically intractable or difficult-to-culture bacterial organisms
Experience with computational tools analyzing communities of microbes (16S, whole genome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, RNAseq) is highly desirable
Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

For immediate consideration, please email your resume or CV to:

Direct applicants only. No agencies please.

Job Requirements

(see job description above)
(Job number: 3911965)
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