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Job: Postdoctoral Associate, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Durham, NC

General Information

Job title:
Postdoctoral Associate
Job location:
Durham, NC  27710 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted:
Commensurate with experience
Job category:
Research and Development
Employment type:
Full time

Job Description

The Duke Human Vaccine Institute and the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology & Immunogen Design (CHAVI-ID), providing national and international leadership in the fight against major infectious diseases, is currently recruiting for a Postdoctoral Associate position. The Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental institute dedicated to the study of basic and translational science required to understand host-pathogen interactions that can be translated to vaccines against human diseases. DHVI comprises a team of highly interactive investigators that have expertise in mucosal and systemic virology, molecular biology, microbiology and animal models.

We are seeking a highly motivated recent graduate to join our team involved in the assessment of Vaccine Induced HIV-1 Env Antibody Responses. Broadly neutralizing antibodies can protect against HIV-1 infection in animal models. The laboratory investigates the antibody response to broadly neutralizing epitopes on HIV-1 Envelope protein in the context of Envelope vaccination. Many of the broadly neutralizing epitopes involve N-linked glycosylation, which is a central focus of the laboratory’s research. We utilize molecular insights of how neutralizing antibodies interact with HIV-1 Env to design focused immunogens. The generation of Envs that interact with broadly neutralizing antibodies and their percursors will be a central responsibility of the Postdoctoral Associate. Moreover, the Postdoctoral Associate will perform the isolation and characterization of HIV-1 antibodies from vaccinated nonhuman primates and will work independently to perform immunoassays, fluorescence-activated single B cell sorting, and antibody cloning. More specifically, the Postdoctoral Associate will characterize the binding and neutralization phenotypes of the monoclonal antibodies identified by cell sorting and next generation sequencing. The Postdoctoral Associate will also investigate the ontogeny of vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies. Under the guidance of the Principal investigator, the candidate will be responsible for designing and executing experiments, interpreting the data, and presenting the results at internal and external meetings and in scientific publications.

The Postdoctoral Associate with perform the following specific activities:
• Fluorescence-activated cell sorting of single B cells from vaccinated macaques.
• PCR amplification of antibody genes.
• Expression of recombinant HIV-1 antibodies by transient transfection.
• Illumina MiSeq next generation sequencing of antibody genes.
• Antibody sequences analysis.
• Design, expression, and purification of trimeric HIV-1 envelopes for use in immunoassays.
• Immunoassays to include (luminex, ELISA, and Western Blots).
• Present scientific results at meetings (internal and external) and publish results in peer-reviewed journals.
• Participation in training opportunities for bioethics, laboratory management, and scientific writing.

Job Requirements

The position requires a MD or PhD in biological sciences, chemistry, or a related discipline and a strong record of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Ideal candidates will possess excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment.
(Job number: 3773438)
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