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Job: Cell Culture Technician, Flexcell International Corporation, Burlington, NC

General Information

Job title:
Cell Culture Technician
Job location:
Burlington, NC  27215 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted:
Full Time, with insurance and retirement benefits.
Job category:
Research and Development
Employment type:
Full time

Job Description

MS level Lab manager with the following laboratory experience base:
1. Cell culture and sterile technique. The candidate must be able to culture continuous cell lines such as HeLa, MC3T3 and other cells as well as follow established protocols for isolation and culture of primary cells. Use of routine equipment associated with culture is necessary such as cell culture hoods, incubators, cell counters, pipetting, reagents, cell culture media, media formulations. Assays include viability, toxicity, PCR-based assays, PAGE, biochemical procedures with peptides and proteins.
2. Use of lab equipment for assays, including, plate readers, spectrophotometers, lab balances, PCR machine, autoclave, ethylene oxide sterilizer, microscopes, including cell culture grade, epifluorescence microscopes and imaging software.
3. Use of software programs including, word, excel, PowerPoint, statistics programs are necessary.
4. The candidate must be able to follow SOP protocols, develop protocols, perform cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices).
5. The job entails testing specialty cell culture products for cell adherence, proliferation, toxicity, and response to mechanical cues.

Job Requirements

BS or MS in Biology or BioEngineering or Equivalent
Minimum of 3 years of experience or internship experience with references available upon request
(Job number: 3749946)
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