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Altis Biosystems, Inc. is a biotechnology startup company that has developed a stem cell platform recreating both the small and large human intestinal epithelium for drug testing and microbiome research. Our primary stem cells proliferate into all of the normal differentiated cells in the intestinal epithelium in both a planar and a 3D format. Altis’ product is high throughput, scalable, reproducible, and uses normal adult human tissue derived from transplant-grade donor organs. This platform will replace current preclinical models for drug screening. Our goal is to make drug discovery faster, cheaper, safer and reduce the need for animal testing. Altis sells its platform as a service to pharmaceutical companies. Some of the services it provides are toxicology, permeability, transport, ELISA, flow cytometry, immunostaining, and more. The platform can be purchased and shipped to customers for in-house testing, if they prefer.
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