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Job: Analytical Chemist, BioLink Life Sciences, Inc., Cary, NC

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General Information


Job title: Analytical Chemist
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Job location: Cary, NC  27513 United States
Requisition code: 20180102H
Date posted: 01/02/2018
Compensation: Salary; benefits to be discussed
Job category:Research and Development
Employment type:Intern
Full time
Part time
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Job Description

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An Analytical Chemist/Analytical Scientist will use a diverse range of methods to investigate the chemical nature of organic and inorganic compounds to determine their chemical and physical properties, composition, structure, relationships, and reactions. The aim of such work is to identify and understand the substance and how it behaves in different conditions. Under many conditions, compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices will be required.
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Job Requirements

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Education: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related discipline is the minimum requirement. A master’s degree in chemistry may be preferred.
Professional Skills & Experience: Three to five years background as an analytical chemist in both pharmaceutical laboratory and related environments is preferred. Will train well qualified intern.
Personal Skills & Competencies: Ability to utilize sophisticated measurement instruments; accuracy, preciseness, and patience, with a propensity for detail; excellent laboratory and problem solving skills; good oral and written communication abilities; solid computer proficiency. Good laboratory and mechanical skills and the patience to perform sometimes tedious procedures. Analytical Chemists/Scientists should be proficient in oral and written communication, and should display a degree of leadership ability. Their abilities to learn about and keep up with the latest techniques, instrumentation, and technology are essential. They must have excellent computer know-how and be familiar with data and statistical analysis software. They must be adept at gathering, processing, and analyzing data or information, including evaluating that data to determine compliance with set standards and regulations. They need to be highly organized and be expert at entering, transcribing, recording, and maintaining information in both written and computer storage forms.

Typical Work Activities & Responsibilities: Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis. Use the science of sampling, defining, isolating, concentrating, and preserving samples, setting error limits, and validating results through calibration and standardization procedures. Develop analytical techniques and new ways to make measurements, interpreting data in proper context, and communicating their documented results..
Typical work activities include activities such as the following:
• Adhere to strict standard procedures and related guidelines when working
• Apply knowledge of chemistry, instrumentation, and statistics to solve problems in almost all areas of chemistry.
• Analyze samples from various sources to provide information on compounds or quantities of compounds present;
• Be proficient in a range of analytical techniques, such as gas and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ion chromatography, spectroscopy and instrumentation and software
• Use computers and a wide variety of sophisticated laboratory instrumentation for modeling and simulation in their work.
• Interpret data and report scientific results;
• Develop new techniques for the analysis of drug products and chemicals;
• Work collaboratively in cross-functional teams;
• Liaise with customers, staff and suppliers;
• Document experiments in accordance with cGMP regulations;
• Be aware of, and keep up to date with, health and safety issues in all aspects of the work undertaken;
• Complete a variety of other tasks as may be assigned by the Laboratory Director.
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