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General Information


Job title: Research Scientist
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Job location: Durham, NC  27710 United States
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Date posted: 10/23/2017
Job category:Research and Development
Employment type:Full time
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Job Description

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The Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) continues to lead with cutting edge research to combat infectious diseases that impact global health. The investigators at the DHVI conduct basic and translational research to develop novel vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics for emerging pathogens, such as HIV-1, tuberculosis, influenza, malaria, cytomegalovirus, zika, chikungunya etc.

With a new Pandemic Prevention Program (P3), we will be combining DHVI investigator’s world-class expertise in virology, immunology and clinical good manufacturing practice (CGMP) to create a fully integrated platform capable of responding to a viral pandemic threat. One aspect of the program will focus on antibody isolation and evolution and is led by Dr. Barton F. Haynes, Director of the DHVI.

We are recruiting a Research Scientist to work closely with Dr. Haynes to oversee the day-to-day research laboratory activities to meet the specific goals of this exciting new DHVI program:
• isolation or design of neutralizing antibodies to known and unknown viral pathogens (e.g. influenz, chikungunya)
• improve antibody potency 100-fold by in vitro antibody evolution;
• apply the platform to antibodies/countermeasures targeting viruses representing RNA, and DNA, both (+)- and (-)-sense SS viral genomes
• transfer antibody sequence, expression system to DHVI CGMP unit.

Activities will include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Design, develop and execute all required assays and model systems to meet the milestones of this new program:
o Isolation of antibody sequences from pathogen-specific memory B cells, Plasma Cells or serum.
o Evolution of antibodies by mammalian display and H/L chain swapping in collaboration with DHVI and external collaborators.
• Facilitate collaborations/interactions with the other scientific teams and collaborators/subcontractors working on this project.
• Characterize binding and neutralization function of original and evolved therapeutic (anti-viral) antibodies.
• Develop and implement standard operating procedures and lead in qualification and validation efforts for assays and procedures, as requested by the sponsor.
• Plan, organize, and conduct research projects with PI approval.
• Research new products, tests, and methods and report on relative feasibility, quality, and benefits of new developments.
• Collate and analyze complex data sets.
• Organize and present data sets to the PI and programmatic Leadership Team.
• Summarize completed protocols and studies; write scientific articles and manuscripts for publication and presentation.
• Supervise and mentor lab staff, students and fellows in the laboratory.
• Monitor progress of research projects and coordinate with the Program Manager to stay on budget and schedule to meet the program milestones and deliverables.

PhD or equivalent doctorate (e.g., Sc.D, M.D., D.M.V.), 5+ years of postdoctoral training or experience conducting scientific research in the field of immunology with multiple publications; Expertise in both cellular and molecular immunology techniques.
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Job Requirements

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