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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Research Scientist ­ Bio­geochemistry
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Job location: Raleigh Durham, NC  27709 United States
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Date posted: 05/19/2017
Job category:Research and Development
Employment type:Full time
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Job Description

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bioMASON is a unique biotechnology start­up manufacturing company with a natural process that will revolutionize the building and construction industry. bioMASON employs microorganisms and chemical processes to manufacture biological cement­based masonry building materials in ambient temperatures.
bioMASON is dedicated to finding talented, multi­faceted, hard­working, and passionate people to join our innovative team. We are a young start­up seeking to make a massive impact on carbon emissions. bioMASON believes in a fast­paced, creative working environment that fosters collaboration and innovation unhindered by traditional boundaries.
The company appeals to self­directed, flexible teammates who embrace ambiguity, learn quickly, possess interpersonal skills, and seeks to test ideas through rapid iteration. An insatiable curiosity about biocement, design sensibilities, and customer empathy is required. The work often requires more than 40 hours per week including occasional nights and weekends.
bioMASON is seeking a Research Bio­geochemist with a specialization in carbonates. This is a Full­time Associate position, responsible for participation in fundamental research and development agendas for bioMASON’s novel biocementation technologies. This position reports to the Research Microbiologist and the Chief Technology Officer.
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Job Requirements

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Minimum Qualifications:
­ Master Degree or higher in Ocean Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science, or a related field of study.
­ Minimum 2­years work experience in a research team.
Responsibilities, Tasks and Outcomes:
­ Development and implementation of testing methodologies for the observation and analysis of carbonate formation.
­ Performance characterization of formed carbonate materials and modes of failure.
­ Experimental design for influencing carbonate seeding, growth, and organization as directed by
established and new research agendas.
­ Coordination with biotechnology, process development, and materials testing teams.
­ Literature review and internal dissemination.
­ Performing other duties assigned by your supervisor
Required Skills and Interests:
­ Demonstrable understanding of carbonate materials formation, polymorph identification, and performance characterization.
­ Experience, understanding and interest in Raman spectroscopy and X­ray powder diffraction.
­ Experienced in the application, modification, and development of standard and novel laboratory
­ Experimental design, documentation, and technical writing skills.
­ Ability to work on small team under tight deadlines
The Candidate Must Be:
­ Organized and possess excellent attention to detail
­ Creative, flexible, proactive, punctual, persistent
­ A team player
­ Ability to Self­Manage
­ Comfortable with a demanding fast­paced work environment and ability to excel in a growing environment
bioMASON Employees Must Possess:
­ Professionalism
­ Integrity and Honesty
­ Passion and Motivation
­ Analytical Skills
­ Intelligence and Aptitude
­ Productivity
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