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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Biostatistician II
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Job location: Durham, NC  27710 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 07/16/2017
Compensation: Commensurate with Benefits
Job category:Research and Development
Employment type:Full time
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Job Description

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The Duke Human Vaccine Institute, the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology & Immunogen Discovery (CHAVI-ID), and the Comprehensive Antibody-Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CA-VIMC), providing national and international leadership in the fight against major infectious diseases, are currently recruiting for Biostatisticians. The Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental institute dedicated to the study of basic and translational science required to understand host-pathogen interactions that can be translated to vaccines against human diseases. DHVI comprises a team of highly interactive investigators that have expertise in mucosal and systemic virology, immunology, molecular biology, microbiology and animal models.

The Biostatisticians will provide support and assistance to the researchers at DHVI/CHAVI-ID/CA-VIMC. This will include, but not be limited to, compiling data from multiple sources, helping plan and complete statistical analysis, and preparing the analysis for presentation and publication. The Biostatisticians will be expected to work closely with the Director of the Biostatistics Center as well as PIs from DHVI/CHAVI-ID/CA-VIMC.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Work with the Director of Biostatistics on the management of various data bases.
• Organize the data management and analysis relative to specific statistical analysis plans.
• Coordinate data management and data analysis with collaborators and associates.
• Create programs in SAS and/or R for the creation of analysis datasets.
• Follow all SOP in the management and development of datasets.
• Create programs in SAS and/or R for statistical analysis.
• Perform documentation of programs and datasets created.
• Produce deliverables that address the needs outlined by the researcher in the statistical analysis plan.
• Consult with PIs on developing appropriate statistical analysis plans.
• Develop and present research for meetings or conferences.
• Aid in the preparation of journal manuscripts and grant applications for peer review,
• Learn and develop new statistical and programming skills as needed.
• Manage, track, and analyze data sets related to the evaluation of antibody responses to HIV-1 vaccines for human and preclinical studies
• Work together with the binding antibody laboratory PI, DHVI statistical core and laboratory staff to manage, track and quality control datasets. Interact with scientists performing the assays and the DHVI statistical core to further develop processes and tools for optimal data analysis of large high content data sets.
• Oversee the use of the custom tools. Interact as primary liaison with lab data operations and statistical teams of an off-site collaborator (daily) to resolve data uploads, corrections/modifications and QCs. Evaluate system problems, develop and implement corrective action plans.
• Develop and implement systems for data quality control. Implement performance metrics for measuring workflow efficiency and generate work flow analysis on a per-study and per-technician basis. Create binding antibody data sets from these data in conjunction with the appropriate oversight groups (e.g., the Quality Assurance Unit) to maintain Good (Clinical) Laboratory Practices.
• Maintain and query databases of binding antibody data including all quality control parameters (including Levey-Jennings tracking, preset positivity criteria, and validation data). Assist with the implementation of new data queries as requested.
• Collaborate with the DHVI statistical programming unit to analyze large data sets. Provide feedback to the statistical programming unit and to the investigators or program management as appropriate to refine queries and analyses, developing reports on new data queries as appropriate.
• Provide data summary and analysis reports including both data and text summaries. Work with the DHVI statistical core to mine clinical information databases.
• Initial laboratory training will be provided on scientific laboratory methods for the evaluation of antibody responses for educational purposes to provide an overview of the work.
• Work with the laboratory PI, statistical team and laboratory staff to perform additional duties as needed for the completion and evaluation of antibody responses.
• Perform any other data management or statistical tasks deemed necessary by the Director for completion of projects.

This is a description, not an exhaustive list of the duties and responsibilities to be performed.
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Job Requirements

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Education, Skills, & Experience Requirements
• Work requires a minimum of a Master's degree in (bio)statistics or related field and no relevant experience, or a Bachelor’s degree in (bio)statistics or related field and 2 years relevant experience, or an equivalent combination or relevant education and/or work experience.
• Prior contribution to analysis of research projects
• SAS programming experience required
• R or WinBugs experience preferred
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, solid command of English language is required
• Must be detail-oriented, very well organized, with proven critical thinking abilities
• Ability to work and communicate effectively in an interactive and dynamic team environment.
• High interest in immunology, HIV-1 biology and/or vaccine evaluation is desired
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