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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Research Scientist -- Protein Biochemistry (Diagnostic Assay R&D)
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Job location: Durham, NC  27710 United States
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Date posted: 04/14/2017
Job category:Research and Development
Employment type:Full time
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Job Description

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We are seeking an experienced research scientist or associate to join the founding R&D team of a Triangle-based biotechnology company which is developing an innovative clinical diagnostics platform.

In this position, you will be a key member of the company’s assay development team, led by a world-renowned investigator who is widely recognized for pivotal breakthroughs in protein engineering and fluorescent sensor development. You’ll be joining the team on the ground floor as the company drives its cutting-edge diagnostic platform through the discovery phase and into assay optimization, device development, pre-clinical testing, and commercialization. Your overall responsibilities will include:
• Developing and leading one or more collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects focused on specific fluorescent sensor-based diagnostic assays
• Establishing and reporting on project requirements, plans, and accomplishments under the direction of the company’s senior executives
• Ensuring that project milestones are consistently achieved in accordance with expectations from corporate leadership and external investors
• Providing cross-training, expertise, and assistance to other project teams to accelerate assay development and optimize related procedures

You’ll work alongside other exceptional scientists who share your passion for advancing basic research discoveries into the clinical realm. And you will gain valuable experience with the entire translational R&D life cycle of a biotechnology start-up, from both the technical and business perspectives. Your research roles will include:
• Using bioinformatics-based approaches to identify candidate proteins for fluorescent sensor-based clinical diagnostic tests
• Refining and carrying out protocols for the expression, purification, labeling, and characterization of candidate proteins
• Working across teams to develop and optimize procedures for immobilizing fluorescently responsive proteins on solid-state assay substrates
• Maintaining and providing detailed experimental data and other technical inputs to company executives for project management, monitoring, and reporting activities
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Job Requirements

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This position requires a graduate degree in a relevant scientific field (PhD preferred), at least two years of postgraduate experience, and a high degree of competency with advanced protein chemistry and engineering methodologies. The successful candidate will have expertise in protein purification, stability, and ligand binding, as well as a strong understanding of bioinformatics, sequence analysis, and molecular biology concepts. The selected individual will also have:
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Rigorous attention to detail and experimental procedures
• Competency in running software and computer-based tools
• Strong ability to lead and collaborate within and across teams
• Flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing priorities
• Multi-disciplinary mindset and a drive toward big challenges
• Commitment to advancing clinical diagnostic and care capabilities
• Willingness to go the extra mile for projects and team members

The individual selected for this position will receive a highly competitive compensation package and the opportunity to accrue company stock grants and/or options.

This is an immediate opportunity with the hiring company, and resumes will be reviewed upon submission over the next month. Qualified candidates will be selected for an in-depth interview and evaluation process to ensure that the selected individual will hit the ground running and excel in the position. As part of this process, candidates will be required to provide several professional references and to complete a writing and analysis exercise.

To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis and for any employer.

Interested individuals can apply directly at
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